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31 – The Ugly Truth (2009)

The Ugly Truth REVIEW

2/5 stars

Director – Robert Luketic

Cast – Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler


uglytruthposterThe latest rom-com to be thrown our direction is The Ugly Truth, starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl. They are comfortable in their roles; Butler as the misogynist pig is rude but not totally unlikable, and Heigl is believable as a slightly bossy career woman. Those two stars are really what keep this movie going; and that’s good, because without some quality acting this would have been an absolute horror of a movie, instead of an extremely mediocre one. The stars almost seem to think they’re in a different movie, and it’s a pity, because the movie they thought they were in looked a lot cooler than the one they were actually saddled with.

We have seen romantic comedies before, we have also seen this type of plot before; Girl and Guy have opposite personalities and start off hating each other. However, they are forced to team up for whatever reason. They go on a trip. Guy and Girl fall in love. Hell, that was the plot of this years earlier Sandra Bullock romcom, The Proposal. Formula rises its ugly head once more.


And granted, that is a problem with reviewing movies. The average movie goer doesn’t watch as many movies as the average movie reviewer. Thus, they will not necessarily notice when a plot has been done to death. It follows, then, that they will enjoy the movie more than the reviewer.

However, this movie has more problems than its purely formulaic attitude to the whole thing. One sequence in particular (in a hotel) had me bored stiff, because we knew what was going to happen, but the movie was playing it as if there were more than one possible outcome. You know those little lights by the aisles in movie theaters? The ones they turn on during the movie so patrons won’t trip and fall and sue them? During that sequence I found myself counting how many of those lights were between me and the exit door .

There were 34.


This movie is formulaic and utterly predictable. The script doesn’t give a darn what happens or how it happens. The two leads raise the material a tad higher than it was written, and there are a couple good jokes. But despite this, it is still barely a watchable movie. Not recommended unless you love rom-coms or absolutely need a night out. (The latter was my excuse.)



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