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Lord of the Manor

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Lord of the Manor (2014) Banner Poster

Well, I’ve finally finished Lord of the Manor! This film was my attempt at creating a small character-driven movie, as opposed to the “guys-with-guns” films I’d been doing (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I am very grateful to the cast for their time and talent (David Sarginson as The Man, Jeremy Watkins as The Reporter, and Ian Travis as The Servant). The film is embedded below, but I’d like to discuss my feeling about it first, and what I’ve learned.


— I’m quite proud of the cinematography. The day couldn’t have had more perfect weather. The fog created even lighting, with no garish bright skies and shadows to worry about.

— The tone is exactly what I was hoping for.


— The script just doesn’t work. It’s too expositional and stiff, and doesn’t really go anywhere.

— I didn’t give the cast enough rehearsal time. David Sarginson had way too many lines, and I didn’t give him enough time to memorize them, resulting in an uncertain and wooden performance. This is 100% my fault. David is a very good actor, as he demonstrates in the last couple scenes. I didn’t give him enough time, and that is my biggest regret of the film.

What I Learned

— Give your cast enough time to prepare. If there is a lot of dialogue, give them plenty of rehearsals and time to memorize. Best yet, I should try and not have as much dialogue, and focus on telling stories that can be told through more visual means. Show, not tell, etc.

— Workshop scripts more. Ask people’s advice on the writing.

— The use of wide angle lenses worked pretty well I think, and I’ll try using those more in outdoor settings. I like the wide angle feel. This also means staying in focus is easier, which can be tough with a run-and-gun style.


Well, there we go! Once again, many thanks to the cast and crew! The film is embedded below.



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