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Upcoming Movies – Flight (2012)

Upcoming Movies – Flight
(Opening Date: November 2, 2012)


I read an article lately (and, forgive me, I have no idea whose it was) who pleaded for more middle-of-the-road movies. By this he meant that studios today are spending too much on the Battleship‘s and John Carter‘s of the world, trying to bring in huge amounts of money, but spending huge amounts to do so. We need movies like Moneyball, and others of its type.

Flight looks like one of those movies. It looks like a solid drama/thriller, produced without an extraordinary budget, and with a couple stars. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, and starring Denzel Washington, it tells the story of an airline pilot whose miraculous crash landing of a passenger jet comes under closer scrutiny than perhaps he would want. See the trailer below.

Personally, I’m adding this to my Anticipated Movies list. A director who can be good with the right project, a very solid leading man, and some excellent co-stars (Don Cheadle, John Goodman, etc.) make this interesting for me.

 Tomatometer Rating Guess: 78%


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