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Upcoming Movies – The Bourne Legacy (2012)

Upcoming Movies – The Bourne Legacy
(Opening Date TBA 2012)


The Bourne Trilogy are great examples of the spy action genre, with Matt Damon coming to embody the amnesic Jason Bourne. (Also a member of the big three “JB” spies… James Bond, Jack Bauer, and Jason Bourne.) News of a fourth film was met with equal measures scepticism and curiosity, especially as Damon would not return. This fourth would be not be a prequel, sequel, or even a reboot, but a “side-quel”, a movie that takes places in the same universe as the original series but not featuring the lead actor. Many of the supporting cast will appear, including Albert Finney, David Strathairn, Joan Allen, Scott Glenn, and adding Ed Norton (ugh…), Oscar Isaac, and Jeremy Renner as the new lead, Aaron Cross. The director is Tony Gilroy. Check out the trailer below.


It doesn’t really show too much, does it? Those criss-cross bands… arg… But visibility issues aside, Renner is a good action man, having proved himself in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. But he looks rather generic to me… I don’t know if he will have the personality that Damon has. But it is perhaps unfair to judge so early, and against such a revered predecessor as well.

The director, Tony Gilroy, wrote the first three movies and the new one as well. He also directed the awesome George Clooney movie Michael Clayton, and for that reason alone I am cautiously optimistic. Michael Clayton showed Gilroy’s great directorial style. It was measured, slick, and just really, really, good. Hopefully The Bourne Legacy has a bit of that.

Here’s hoping The Bourne Legacy is worthy to sit on the shelf next to Damon’s version!

Tomatometer Rating Guess: 78%


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