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I’m a DC

I’m a DC


The idea for this post came from Katie over at Stories That Really Mattered, specifically a challenge she issued to bloggers to ” find out who really is the better franchise once and for all”, Marvel or DC. 

Now I must admit to not following the comic book universes of either company, but I have a decent knowledge of their movies, and I will approach this from that angle.

After much thought I realized that while I like films from both sides, DC eventually came to the top. Here is why…

(Please note this comes from the perspective of the MOVIES alone, not the comic books.)

1. Batman (duh)

Even those who prefer Marvel admit that Batman throws a wrench in their gears. 4 of the 6 Batman movies (we’ll ignore Adam West, eh?) are considered classics. That’s a really good record for most franchises, and doubly so for superhero franchises. The Batman movies have been excellent platforms for 2 emerging directors (Burton and Nolan) to show off their talent and launch them higher in the movie-making stratosphere. Neither of these directors would have had such a high-profile career without this as a launching pad.

2. The villains

Quick, name super-villians. The first ones coming to most people mind are the Joker, Lex Luthor, Two-Face, Catwoman, the Penquin. To comic book fans of course the answers will differ, but it is undeniable that DC’s villains have inundated our pop culture more than Marvel’s.

3. Quality over Quantity

DC hasn’t put out near as many movies as Marvel. Take a look at the Wikipedia page for each (Marvel’s list here, and DC’s list here). They focus on quality over quantity. A much higher ratio of DC’s pictures are better than Marvel. DC’s other imprints such as Vertigo and Paradox Press help with that, and prove DC’s willingness to take a risk with non-cape-wearing characters.

 4. “Grit”

DC has produced it’s fair of stinkers, let’s not dance around the facts. But DC’s bad movies are consistently more interesting than Marvel’s. This is usually due to the “grit” factor. DC tends to go for a dark tone in its movies, and no matter who you are, that is usually much more interesting than the shiny, plastic, generic stinkers that Marvel puts out (Fantastic Four, Spiderman (yeah, so sue me), Elektra, Hulk etc. This is of course not a hard and fast rule, so there are exceptions (The Incredible Hulk for example). But it is these exceptions that prove the rule. Marvel also did Howard the Duck…. Case closed? Almost.

 5. The Critics

As detailed in my previous post, DC vs. Marvel, DC is the choice of American film critics. It is a slim margin, to be sure, but it’s there nonetheless. Take that!


One Point In Favor of Marvel (to be fair)

1. The “Universizing”

Congrats to Marvel on merging some of their best films into a single movie universe. This will bring a great sense of continuity for them, and all leading up to The Avengers. Comic book fans, it’s a good time to be alive.


Thoughts? Comments? Leave them below!



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  2. Great post, although obviously I’m a Marvel so I disagree with some of your points. The one about “Grit” is interesting, since we’ve been arguing almost the exact opposite over on my blog, saying that the Marvel characters in general are a lot more real and dark than the DCs. Batman is the big exception but otherwise it’s quite a shiny world.
    If I wanted to be really annoying I could argue that Batman fits in better with the Marvel world than the DC and that’s why everyone loves him 😉

    Thanks for joining in. I hope you’ve taken my poll as well so we can see who’s winning!

    So…which are you?

    Comment by Katie | January 27, 2011 | Reply

    • In the full DC universe that could well be ture, I wouldn’t know. Knowing just the movies kind of hampers me a bit.

      Comment by jamesturpin | January 27, 2011 | Reply

      • My view is mostly movie based too, we hust have different views on the movies I think.

        Comment by Katie | January 27, 2011

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