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119 – Carriers (2009)

Carriers REVIEW

4/5 stars

Director – Àlex Pastor and David Pastor

Cast – Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, Emily VanCamp


Carriers is a small budget film about four young people, two guys and two girls, who have survived an apocalyptic virus and are journeying to a beloved childhood vacation home of the two guys. The movie follows them on their journey as they run into other survivors, and experience different reactions to the situation they have found themselves in.

The biggest draw for this movie for me was, quite frankly, the presence of Chris Pine (as the older brother, Brian). His presence in Star Trek was one of my favorite parts of that particular film (I know I gave that a bad review, I’m writing a “Re-Review” for it soon). Here I think we get an even better look at his talent, even though he is technically a supporting character. Chris Pine is a fast rising star, and deservedly so I think.

The true main character of the movie is the younger brother of the two young men, Danny, played by Lou Taylor Pucci. He is intimidated by Danny, and has always lived in his shadow. He lets Danny take the lead in most situations, even though his rash behaviour often leads to morally questionable results. It’s not that we see the world of Carriers through his eyes, but we stick with him the most. 

Chris Pine brother certainly overshadows Pucci, mainly because Pine has much more charisma than Pucci does, but I liked this. Some people, I think, thought this meant that Pucci wasn’t strong enough to lead the movie. On the contrary, I found this helped us see the true nature of the brother’s relationship even clearer. This was excellent casting at work.

I understand Carriers had quite a small budget, but it is surprisingly well produced. The cinematography is even striking in parts. You really get a feeling of the heat striking down on the characters and landscape.


While certainly not bringing anything new to the table, Carriers is a solid entry into the “apocalyptic virus” genre. The running time is short and sweet, and the drama between the main characters and their situation is quite effective. I would recommend it to fans of the genre, keeping in mind that it is a much smaller and more intimate movie than 28 Days Later and movies of that type.



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