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Re: Forbes List of Money Generating Stars

Re: Forbes List Money Generating Stars

Forbes recently released their list of actors who brought in the most money for the studios compared to how much they earned for themselves. This got me thinking “Which actor on this list makes the best films in general?” I don’t mean in the year in which the list applies, but in their whole career.

With that in mind (and Rotten Tomatoes open in another tab) here are, according to rottentomatoes.com, the actors in the Forbes list with the highest critical acclaim (acting credits only).


1. Daniel Radcliffe – Avg. Score = 77.25%

Daniel gets it a bit easy, as most of his films are the highly popular Harry Potter series, but he tops it with a high score of 90% for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with a low of 42% for December Boys.

2. Meryl Streep – Avg. Score = 69.4%

Meryl Streep is widely recognized as one of the best actresses ever, but oddly her career features very few iconic films. Her highest score is 98% for Woody Allen’s Manhattan, and her lowest is  27%, for both Lions for Lambs and Evening.

3. Cate Blanchett – Avg. Score = 67.6%

Cate Blanchett, mainly known for her indie work, has a highest score for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers with 96%, and a low point of 31% for Charlotte Gray.

4. Johnny Depp – Avg. Score = 67.5%

Coming close behind Blanchett is living legend Johnny Depp, whose highest rated movie was his debut, A Nightmare on Elm Street, with 95%. His lowest is for The Astronaut’s Wife, with 16%.

5. Shia Labeouf – Avg. Score = 56.4

Shia Labeouf has had quite a rise to fame with the Transformer movies, but we shouldn’t let that cloud our judgement of his quality acting. His highest rated film is Warriors of the Wind, with 100%, and his lowest is Dumber and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, which has a rating of 10%.

6. Robert Downey Jr. – Avg. Score = 55.18%

Mr. Downey has the distinction of having the widest possible difference between highest score and lowest. His high point is Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam (100%), and his lowest is Johnny be Good, with 0%.

7. Nicolas Cage – Avg. Score = 54.1%

The king of quirk has quite a range of scores as well. His highest is Red Rock West with 95%, and his lowest is Deadfall, with 0%.

8. Anne Hathaway – Avg. Score = 48.2

This young fan favorite hit her highest point with Brokeback Mountain (87%) and had a low of 12% with Bride Wars.

9. Jennifer Aniston – Avg. Score = 46.6

This “Friend” of TV has a decent-sized movie resume, spanning The Iron Giant with 97% to The Bounty Hunter and ‘Til There Was You with 7%.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker – Avg. Score = 45.9

The unofficial queen of New York doesn’t have a huge film resume, but it runs the gamut from L.A. Story with 94% to ‘Til There Was You (also with list-maker Jennifer Aniston) with 7%.



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  1. I love anne hathaway

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