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94 – Toy Story 3 (2010)

Toy Story 3 REVIEW

4/5 stars

Director – Lee Ulrich

Cast – Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, John Ratzsenberger, Joan Cussack, Ned Beatty, Don Rickles, Michael Keaton, Wallace Shawn, John Morris, Jodi Benson, Emily Hahn


– follows Toy Story 2


I must admit to not being a huge fan of the Toy Story movies. They are good, but I have never been particularly impressed when it comes to the adventures of Woody, Buzz, and Co. Pixar is of course a good studio who regularly turn out decent and excellent material. Monsters Inc. is probably my favorite of theirs, and I very much enjoyed Ratatouille and Wall-E. Up was a bit underwhelming to me personally, but found great critical success elsewhere. So I must say that for me, Toy Story 3 falls in the category of good but not stellar.

The story starts with Andy, the toys owner, growing up and moving off to college. The toys find themselves shipped to a day care, which is ruled with a plush iron hand by a huge stuffed bear named Lotso. Woody finds himself separated from the others, and journeys back to save them and their trust in Andy, whom they believe has rejected them.

This movie is funny, perhaps more funny than the first two. It also packs the most emotional punch. One scene, where Woody and Co. bravely prepare themselves for certain death in a trash incinerator, is very moving. The origin tale of Lotso’s bitterness is both funny and sad, and the clown who tells the story is priceless. The movie loses ground I find, when it packs on the sugary, treacley, saccharine sweetness (as only Disney can). The ending was, I feel, over-played, and would have been greater if played with the simplicity of the similar ending scene from Monster’s Inc. Less is more, and I don’t think that rule was followed enough here. Or in the Toy Story franchise in general.

This film also feels quite similar to the first sequel, Toy Story 2. We again have a scene where a toy is left behind by its owner, and Buzz once again is put back to his orignal factory setting for comedic effect. Woody is perhaps sidelined a little more than he should have been also. These are fairly minor quibbles however, in a movie that will certainly leave kids and most adults more than satisfied. I just hate it when movies like this are unjustly (in my view) given the title of Best Threequel Ever, etc. It was good, but not that good.

And of course, being a Pixar film, there is a short film preceding Toy Story 3. This one is called Night and Day, and is about… well its about two people wo are made of the same shot but one is day and the other is night. Realizing that explains virtually nothing, I will say it is about recognizing the differences and similarities in each other and respecting each other for them. It’s good, but doesn’t quite live up to the full potential of its premise. It is definitely… well, unique.


Toy Story 3 is an entertaining and emotional ending to the Toy Story saga. It does try to milk its ending a bit too much though, and felt a tad repetitive. But otherwise this is an excellent family film (that is perhaps over-rated), and will be sure to entertain most audiences in that special way only Pixar can.



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