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The internet is for more than porn, as is proven by this fine selection of movie related sites. I toyed with the idea of just presenting one in each segment, but so many sites offer such a variety of… stuff. Hopefully you haven’t heard of some of these (though most of them are fairly popular) and will enjoy them as I do.


Database Websites


Putting IMDB on this list is a bit of a no brainer. Whenever a fact is in dispute (no, Keanu Reeves wasn’t in Speed 2), whether you want to find out when Ian McKellan and Robert Downey Jr. have worked together (Restoration and Richard III), or just seeing what movies Christopher Walken has acted in (every movie he is offered), IMDB is the best place to go. With detailed information on (as far as I know) every movie, TV show, and video game ever made, you can’t go wrong. Just avoid the forums; they’re full of trolls, obnoxious know-it-all nerds, and just plain pricks.


Movie News 


One of the best things about Cinematical is the frequency of its updates (it is updated with a new post at least 4 or 5 times a day) and the variety of topics it addresses. The topics are presented in an entertaining yet logical way, and the number of posters ensures that many differing opinions are presented. They are also very quick on the ball when it comes to news. An entertaining yet very informative website.


comingsoon logoComing Soon offers a mainly news based approach. They are often the first site with news of upcoming movies or new developments (that I’m aware of). It also feature many interviews, behind the sets visits, and the occasional poll. They also are updated a couple times a day.


total_film_square_miniTotal Film takes a more fun filled approach to movies and the movie news. They have many features, but one of my favorites of theirs is a “Showdown List” (where the greatest sword, villian, fight, etc.) is decided. They also have many “Best of…” lists with topics and answers not usually seen on these types of sites. 


Movie Review Sites


Most of the reviews from the long running TV series At the Movies are available in video format on their website. Rober Ebert and Gene Siskel originated the show, and their reviews are without a doubt the cream of the crop. However, Ebert and Roeper are certainly not bad. As for the “Ben’s” (Lyons and Mankiewicz)… well, Ben Mankiewicz isn’t too bad, and they’re being replaced soon anyway, with Michael Phillips and A. O. Scott. Thumbs Up for that! (Get it? Get it?)


dailyfilmdoselogoDaily Film Dose is run by Toronto based Allan Bacchus. It features a new film review every single day, from rare foriegn films, to B&W classics, to modern blockbusters. His reviews are written with clarity and are very persuading, even when the reader may have an opposite view point. Very often he disagrees with the majority of critics, which is refreshing.



 The big man himself! RogerEbert’s Blog is a great place for educated opinions and thoughful reviews. There is no doubt Roger Ebert knows what he is talking about. He also publishes opinion on other topics, and has been doing so more and more often (now that his health is not what it used to be). His writing is informative and entertaining in a unique way. Catch this site for some excellent movie related writing.


rotten_tomatoesThe grand-daddy of ’em all. Rotten Tomatoes compiles reviews from major reviewers to show us what reviewers tend to think about movies. We can actually read all the reviews there as well. Rotten Tomatoes now has its own show, and it popularity is so great that it is now being quoted on DVD covers, etc.


Different opinions? What sites do you tend to visit the most? Which ones do you hate? Feel free to comment below!



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