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38 – Bruce Almighty (2003)

Bruce Almighty REVIEW

2.5/5 stars

Director – Tom Shadyac

Cast – Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrell


BruceAlmightyJim Carrey is one of the funniest, wackiest, and uniquely crazy comedians we have. He constantly surprises us with his comic timing and great physical humor. And yet he gets stuck in movies like Bruce Almighty. It’s depressing really.

It is even more depressing when the movie has such potential. The plot, of a bitter complainer who gets saddled with all the powers (and responsibilities) of God Himself, is both rich in possible comedic satire and perfect for Jim Carrey’s bizarre and quirky comedic sensibilities. Yet what we get is an alleged comedy with all the weighty plot points and subtlety of a Billy Graham sermon. Dramatic plot points are over used and full of cliche, and most of the jokes not created by or involving Jim Carrey (or Steve Carrell, who has a minor role and is almost as good as Jim) fall flat. Jennifer Aniston is over used, and her character is just flat out not interesting.

It is rare that Jim Carrey finds a good movie that is well suited to his talents. The Truman Show, for one, is a good example of a dramtic script that worked for him. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is the only good comedic movie of his that I have seen, and that one was perfectly formed for his brand of humor. This movie ignores what Jim is capable of, and that is what ultimately does it in. It goes for the sappy, the syrupy, the overused, the plain and downright awful.


Now having said that some sequences do work. They are usually despite the script though and not because of it. Jim Carrey’s facial expressions and body language make jokes work that might not have otherwise. He is the only reason I could see to watch this movie. Morgan Freeman makes an appearance and granted he is good, but he brings nothing special to the role other than his normal, “good ol’ mentor” schtick which he has been doing since time immemorial. A different actor as God would have been interesting. Someone who could have matched Jim Carrey’s whackiness. John Cleese would have been nice…


This movie relies far too heavily on cliche and overused dramatic plot points. There are a couple funny moments scattered in there (mainly from Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell), however, as it is a comedy, it tries to go for sincerity and preaches far too much to recommend.



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  1. you can say that morgan freeman is one of the most versatile actors that we have today ‘

    Comment by Bench Saw · | November 3, 2010 | Reply

    • I don’t know if I would, or at least I would qualify that statement. I would say he is good at making his Morgam Freeman personality work as God, a prisoner, etc., but he essentially plays the same personality in each movie he does (with exceptions I’m sure.)

      Comment by jamesturpin | November 4, 2010 | Reply

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