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16 – 28 Weeks Later (2007)

28 Weeks Later REVIEW

4.5/5 stars

Director – Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Cast – Robert Carlyle, Jeremy Renner, Catherine McCormack, Rose Byrne


– follows 28 Days Later


28weeks728 Weeks Later follows a group of people trying to survive in the aftermath and resurgence of the “Rage Virus” outbreak, a virus which turns people into raving lunatic zombies. This movie differs from most “zombie” movies in that it deals with the aftermath of a virus outbreak, and showcases the army shutting down the area, the cleaning up process etc. This gives a wonderfully fresh take on the genre, and it keeps us interested the whole way through because we haven’t seen it before, as compared to the former in the series, 28 Days Later, which, while certainly being a new take, was still the typical zombie movie.

To be frank, I loved this movie. And the second reason (the first being its28weeks uniqueness) is that while it is still a “zombie” movie, it actually has some intense drama. Theres a scene in the beginning where a married man and his wife are escaping from zombies, and the man has to run and leave his wife behind when she is taken. We actually feel what it must be like to have to do that, and it hurts! We feel what the characters feel, and it brings credibility to the movie.

Another great thing is the widening of the scope of the movie, when compared to the first one. This one shows London after it has been ravaged by the virus, we see the American Army coming in to help in the re-construction of Britain, and we follow many more people. It is also more mature and we explore more emotions. Whereas the first movie was mainly interested in fear, this one deals with sadness as well. It’s a very well rounded out movie.

28weeks2The cast should be mentioned as well. While they are for the most part not “names” thy definitely manage to hold their own. In fact we believe them even more due to the fact that we have not seen them before. Robert Carlyle, an actor apparently known for his method acting style, plays one of the central characters of the movie, and brings a flawed everyman sensibility to the role. Jeremy Renner, who plays an American soldier, is an actor that I believe we will see great things of, in fact he is starring in the upcoming The Hurt Locker. Also of note is the appearance of Harold Perrineau, who plays “Link” in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.



This a good movie, regardless of genre. It is ambitious, emotionally complex, exhilarating, unique, and mature in its outlook. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone, providing they can stomach it.



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