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11 – Tigerland (2000)

Tigerland REVIEW

4.5/5 stars

Director- Joel Schumacher

Cast- Colin Farrell, Mathew Davis, Shea Whigham, Cole Hauser



Coincidentally, Tigerland is the second war movie review in a row I have reviewd that features Colin Farrell and Cole Hauser. The other one being Hart’s War, this is by far the better movie. Joel Schumacher has a strange track record, having directed crap like Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, and The Number 23; decent movies like A Time To Kill and The Phantom of the Opera; and then quite good ones like Phone Booth and Tigerland. He’s a strange director in that way. I guess he’s only as good as his material.

It is perhaps a tad misleading to call this a “war movie”, since the movie just follows the characters through training, and ends as they are being shipped off. However, the movie is about the relationships between the men themselves, and as such does not need any actual combat to up the tension.

This movie follows a young soldier, Roland Buzz (played by Colin Farrell, in his star making role), who has a perpetual chip on his shoulder, and an attitude towards war that certainly doesn’t endear him to his superiors. He also knows the Army rules and regulations inside and out, and is able to exploit loopholes to send men home if he feels they should. Predictably this makes him an enemy or two.


Now this is obviously quite a low budget affair; Saving Private Ryan it ain’t. And thank God for it too. Where Saving Private Ryan is big loud, and emotionally manipulative, Tigerland is quiet, low key, and in some places has a wickedly dark sense of humour (mainly relayed through the character of Roland Bozz). On that topic, Colin Farrell does an amazing job with the character, which so easily could have gone over the top. He plays it wonderfully, and without a hint of his Irish accent.


This is one of my favorite war-related movies, pure and simple. Colin Farrel takes the material and really elevates it higher than it would have been with most other actors. It is a tight movie, well acted and paced, and intense all the way through. Defintely recommended to anyone.



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