JT Film Review

8 – Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek REVIEW

2.5/5 stars

Director – J.J. Abrams

Cast – Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Eric Bana


— follows Star Trek Nemesis


Now let’s get this out of the way first. I am a bit of a Trekkie. I’m more of a fan of the movies and books than the TV show, but still, a mild Trekkie I remain.

And totally objectively, without bias or prejudice, I find it really hard to like this movie.


And I don’t like it because it can be boiled down to one word; a word which represents my biggest pet peeve; FORMULAIC.

So much about this movie was ripped from Film Making 101, the little book they give people like Jerry Schumacher and Michael Bay to instruct them inStar-Trek-Trailer-Grab-Spock-3 film making. Even the very beginning sequence, what do we get? The hero’s father dies, which inspires his son to go on to do great things. Just to side track, how many damn franchise type movies involve this as a major plot point? Here’s a very quick off the cuff list: Star Trek, Spiderman (uncle, but a father figure nonetheless), Superman, Batman, Batman Begins, Star Wars II, Star Wars IV, Batman Forever, Daredevil, Ghostrider… I’m sure I could go on.

This movie also doesn’t really care about storyline. Throughout it exists simply to get characters from one place to another, to throw two characters together, etc. Take when Kirk meets old Spock. At this point in the story Kirk is marooned on a planet; this happens to be the same planet that old Spock crash landed on… not only that, but he lands (from what we can tell) within one mile of him. ????


Yes, I am being harsh on this movie. Some would say too harsh. The action is well done, and the visual palette is great. However, it doesn’t matter how great the action is. If we don’t have an emotional connection to the characters, how can we care if their ship is about ready to blow up? And I didn’t really care about the characters in this, I have to admit.

The actors for the most part are remarkable look-a-likes when compared to the original cast. They even mimic some of their attributes, but rarely in a star_trek02hammy manner. Chris Pine is the best at this I think, some of the things he says eerily echo William Shatner’s speech patterns. Spock is portrayed well, if a bit over-the-top. The rest of the cast is great. It was also nice to see Ben Cross (he played Harold Abraham in Chariots of Fire) play Spock’s father.


If you want to see a passable action flick, this will most likely suffice. Just don’t go in expecting the Star Trek of old, where plot, politics, and some measure of reality all had their place. This one is just a mindless action flick. A fast moving, well produced one, but mindless nonetheless.



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